Whatsapp is slow to update to iPhone 5 full-screen, no response from support, and is slow to implement new design and features.

I am a proud owner of Apple’s new iPhone 5 and one of the reason I got a smartphone is really Whatsapp and iMessage. While I love to use Whatsapp for chatting with my friends, I have not seen a major update to it since years after its launch. Most updates are tweaks and bug fixes, and even the group size limit was only recently updated to allow

The developers are not active on Twitter, Facebook or their blog – ironic as a app that promotes online social activities. They do not publish their versions and bug fixes as far as I can find.

It seems like Whatsapp as a company is more keen in going for the big money, liaising with network partners and forgetting that their money also comes from their huge customer installed base – us.

No doubt, I have only paid $0.99 USD for it 2 years back. If not for my non iOS friends, I would have totally switched to iMessage.

Whatsapp didn’t bother to create an app for OS X or Windows users.

As I am typing now, I am experiencing downtime on Whatsapp.

How many of you out there face the issues I face?